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About Us

What to expect when working with Us

Smell-Eliminators provides a complete range of odor management services, using Integrated Odor Management (IOM) techniques. Service includes: dog park remediation, trash room odor control, premium scenting, disinfecting service, drain line maintenance, and business product solutions.

By taking advantage of a full-service company, you can reduce suppliers, streamline vendors, and ensure effective Odor Control Solutions. We work with your schedule, your unique situation, your budget to control problems, and protect your brand.


Call us today to set up a FREE appointment estimate at: (800) 325-4095

Service Coverage

What to expect when working with Us

Smell-Eliminators believes in our 3 pillar approach to delivering a superior customer experience. By focusing on providing premium products to our clients we ensure that they have the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art offerings on the market. We provide an individualized service program for all locations of our clients to address all possible odor concerns. Lastly, our core competency of fast response affirms that we are there to provide aid in a dire need.  

One of the fastest ways to ruin a company's brand is by facing an odor issue that they are not able to solve which can destroy years of building their reputation and lead to a negative effect on your location, brand, and overall profits.

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