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3 Things to Know About Luxury Apartments

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

by Smell-Eliminators

A luxury apartment is an upscale apartment in a prime location and with exclusive access to the best amenities. There are three categories that define luxury apartment status.

1. Luxury apartments are expensive

As with most other luxury items, a luxury apartment is expensive. You're usually paying for a larger apartment with high-end appliances and décor, along with stellar amenities and a well-maintained facility.

2. Luxury apartments often have a concierge

A concierge is one of the biggest perks that sets a luxury apartment apart from any other apartment. While a concierge doesn't handle the big stuff for you, it's the little things they do that add up over time — collecting packages, greeting guests, giving you an extra hand when needed and making dinner reservations on your behalf are only a few of the small tasks a concierge can do to make your life that much easier.

3. The amenities are also luxurious

In any luxury apartment, you would only expect the amenities to be at the same level. The usual apartment amenities, like a fitness center and media center, are much nicer, and there are other amenities that you won't find at other apartments. Spas, salons, on-site stores and wine cellars are a few of the not-so-typical amenities you might find at a luxury apartment.

Fastest way to ruin it

One of the ways this can happen is by facing an odor issue that can't be resolved. It will destroy years of building your luxury reputation and leads to a negative experience at the location, brand, and overall profits. If your location, sister properties, or friend's building are facing dog park odors, trash room stench, dealing with unwanted malodors, smoke smells, urine smells, and pet smells. Please contact us at Smell-Eliminators (800) 325-4095 or click the link below for our website. We are here to protect your brand & enhance your customer's experience.

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